Factions Release

AaronStrange a posted Nov 17, 17

Yep, your eyes are not deceiving you!  VegasMC has finally released FACTIONS!

Now, this isn't your average factions world.  This factions world was made to preserve the originally intent of VegasMC: Skyblock.  As such, it is basically the love child of skyblock and factions.  The entire map is custom, right down to the animals that spawn in every magnificent biome.  But, "How do I get to such a wonderful place?" you might ask, well the answer is simple:  You just right click this handsome fellow at spawn!

Once you right click this big ball of handsome-ness, he will take you to see two, even more handsomer gentlemen! (If such a thing is even possible)

Now, as you can plainly see, the gentlemen on the left will take you to your faction home when you right click him, and the gentlemen on the right will take you to the wilderness.  However, if you think you are too good for these... ruggedly handsome, beautiful, sexy beasts, then just type in the command above their heads and execute it yourself; like the strong, independant, unknown-gender-thing you are!

As always, you cannot expect something on VegasMC to be dull... except for maybe like two things, but that's beside the point.  The point I am trying to make is that the new world, the Factions world, is a huge, endless, fantastic wonderland of amazement.  It generates much like the land does in the Aether mod, or like the unfinished skyworld generation notch created.  Except, this includes needless, but amazing, custom biomes!

There is so much to say about how amazing the new factions world is, or how well it ties in to skyblock, you can even get upgrades in factions by completing challenges in skyblock!  But, you will have to log on and see for yourself.